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Virtual Participant

Welcome to the Virtual Participant option for the 2022 American Legion Challenge 22 event to End Veteran Suicide.  It’s so easy and can be a lot fun.  Or goal this year is to have participants from all over the world join us.  All you have to do is take a video of you “doing something 22” related; post it to you social media; and add the hash tag #Challenge22Vet to your post some time prior to the live event being held on November 12th, 2022.  We will then pull your video down from the internet by searching for all #Challenge22Vet social media posts and play them on a huge Mobile video truck that will be following our live walkers.  It only takes a $22 donation to participate.

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Maybe a Ruck Walk isn't your thing. You might hate running. The goal is to do something 22 to keep those 22 Vets in our mind. Examples of “doing something 22” are:



  • 22 push ups

  • 22 jumping jacks

  • Run 2.2 miles

  • Walk 2.2 miles

  • Walk 2.2 times around your block

  • 22 pull ups

  • Swim 22 laps

  • Row or paddle 2.2 miles on a lake or river

  • Shoot 22 three-point attempts at basketball goal

  • Ride your bike for 22 miles

  • Dance for 22 seconds to your favorite song

Not a fan of traditional exercise? That's ok. Be creative and share your ideas of 22 and #Challenge22Vet.

Non-traditional ideas:

  • Throwing the ball to your dog 22 times

  • Hold you breath for 22 seconds

  • Throw 22 darts at a dart board

  • Blow up and pop 22 balloons

  • Ride 22 miles on your motorcycle

  • Sing 22 songs

  • Shoot 22 rounds from a 22 rifle

  • Say 22 prayers out loud

  • Catch 22 fish (we always catch and release)

  • Play 22 holes of putt-putt golf

  • Video 22 sunsets

  • Recruit 22 people to join you

  • Create 22 paintings

  • Or anything creative you can think of that is fun and interesting

Ages 5- 16 yrs.

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