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Ruck Walk

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​All walkers, rollers and riders are welcome to join the free Ruck Walk.  Active and retired military are encouraged to wear their ruck sacks as they walk, but carrying a sack is not necessary.  Ruck sacks will also be available for purchase at the event, for those that desire to "walk in their shoes." 

The roots of rucking lie deep in the military, where long hikes with heavily loaded backpacks are the norm.  Timed ruck marches prepare soldiers to move themselves and their essential gear for long distances quickly. ​ The typical ruck sack weighs 50-55 pounds and includes tools, food, water, clothing, and basic essential for one soldier.

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American Legion Post 63 is proud to encourage and mentor our future leaders!  JROTC units are encouraged to participate in Challenge 22, and have the opportunity to win one of three cash prizes for the highest participation percentage from registrants.  Download the invitation for more information about this program
JRTOC Award Schedule:
1st Place:  $750
2nd Place:  $500
3rd Place:  $250
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